Where to Go Beach Camping in New England

New England is known for its icy, unforgiving winters, which can make it easy to forget it's home to some of the most pristine and diverse coastline in the country! The miles of coast are perfect for a seaside camping adventure, and the options are endless. From the lush shores of Maine to Rhode Island’s beloved beaches, here are our favorite places to camp along the Northeast’s shorefront.

The #GetOutAndGO Project: Celebrating America’s Outdoors

This Spring we partnered with The Dyrt to come up with a way to celebrate America’s great outdoors. The result: The #GetOutAndGO Project. It’s a way to highlight the incredible outdoor spaces across our nation, and a way to kick off spring with an inspiring message: you don’t have to go to Yellowstone to get … Continue reading The #GetOutAndGO Project: Celebrating America’s Outdoors

Here’s what’s it’s like to go Cliff Jumping in New England

The northeast is littered with mountains, quarries, and lakes, making it a cliff jumper's dream. Don’t believe us? Watch this video of a cliff jumping crew doing crazy aerial tricks throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. Within seconds your palms will start sweating as you watch this bunch run and jump off cliffs as high … Continue reading Here’s what’s it’s like to go Cliff Jumping in New England