Conscious Capitalism: Parks Project Clothing

We all love our National parks. And our wild public lands need our help through promotion, protection, and preservation. Our forefathers worked hard to establish our National Parks System. Now it’s our turn to do our part to protect these awe-inspiring wild lands for the next generation.

Sometimes figuring out how to help is the hardest part. Not all of us are able to volunteer and some of us want to donate but aren’t sure which non-profit to donate to. A simple (and fashionable) way to support our National Parks is by purchasing Parks Project clothing.

Be a Champion for the Parks You Love and Look Good Doing it with Parks Project Clothing

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While volunteering in the Santa Monica Mountains, co-founders, Sevag Kazanci and Keith Eshelman, noticed a two-fold problem. First of all, they discovered our parks had a litany of unique projects that needed advocacy, funding, and support. Second, they noticed the volunteer demographic lacked younger generations.

They wasted no time and took action. They used their experience from working at TOMS and made it their mission to help our parks. It was their goal to shift the mindset of younger generations to “leave it better than you found it”. With 59 parks and over 330 million visitors in 2016, our National Parks are a beloved place of wild beauty. Parks Project clothing is a simple way for us to show our appreciation and support.

How They Help Our Parks

Ultimately, every single item from Parks Project benefits our National Parks — each product has a purpose and a give-back component.

They help our parks through habitat restoration, visitor programs, wildlife conservation, and youth education.

Each park collection helps a specific park. Here are some examples of how a park collection is helping with backlogged projects:

  • Mount Rainier – Funds boy scout groups to become park stewards
  • Joshua Tree – Plants Joshua trees to protect the population of the iconic trees
  • Yosemite – Maintains 800 miles of trail in the park enhancing the visitor’s experience
  • Everglades – Removes of non-native invasive species
  • Zion – Funds Zion Forever’s Education Program to engage youth and encourage positive park experiences
  • Acadia – Fund the Wild Garden Initiative by planting, studying, collecting, propagating, and labeling over 400 native species

Not only does each product fund specific projects in our National Parks, the Parks Project team spends a large portion of time getting their hands dirty with cleanups and trail restoration work.

We love Park Project’s dedication to working hard to give back. Together we can stand up for our national parks and make a difference, one cool t-shirt at a time.

If you decide that you would like to do more for our National Parks, check out this article on volunteering in our parks. Now go out there and revel in our beautiful wild National Parks!

Catch up with us in July for our next Conscious Capitalism article with Cotopaxi.

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