8 Apps That Will Help You Stay in Shape When You Can’t Get Outside

Exercise doesn’t feel like exercise when we’re doing the activities we love, like climbing, hiking, kayaking, or trail running. But when cold wet days drag on, or we just don’t have time to get outdoors, it’s handy to have some quick and convenient alternatives for inside workouts, too.

In the age of apps, we have so many resources at our fingertips that can help us lead healthy, active lives. Download one or more of these apps to keep your workout routine in check, even when the weather or your schedule isn’t quite right for the activities you love most.

1. Seven


Seven has boiled it down to a 7-minute science by using only a wall, a chair, and your own bodyweight. This minimal commitment workout maximizes benefits with the most efficient exercises. For the competitive type, it’s structured like a game with incentives to keep you committed to exercising regularly.

2. Endomondo


With Endomondo, you can set specific goals for a whole range of activities. It breaks down data so you’re always aware of your progress levels. Whether you’re doing martial arts or indoor cycling, this app can keep you motivated while you’re inside, then transition with you to an outdoor routine.

3. Fooducate


Get a better understanding of what you’re putting into your body with Fooducate. Staying in shape and excelling in physical activities is about more than just exercise. The food we consume plays a huge role in our energy and fitness levels. This app can help you make better choices for a healthy lifestyle with their curated grocery lists, health tracking tools, and a database of nutritious foods.

4. Daily Burn


For those looking for a library of exercise multimedia to choose from, Daily Burn is a great option that gives access to over a thousand videos from certified professionals. Select from a range of intensities and activities such as core-building, yoga, cardio, or even dance. This app helps you create a personalized plan and offers relevant workouts to help you meet your target.

5. Sworkit

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 9.30.48 AM

Is time your biggest obstacle? Sworkit has a solution. With a range of video workouts starting at 5-minutes, it’s hard to find an excuse to not just do it. You can choose a broad goal, such as becoming leaner, fitter, stronger, or choose a targeted area such as your abs.

6. Workout Trainer


Have you ever considered hiring a personal trainer but got cold feet when you saw the high price tag? With Workout Trainer, you have access to one-on-one coaching sessions at a fraction of the price. For those that prefer self-guided training, the app also has thousands of curated exercise sessions to pick from.

7. Pocket Yoga

No time to drive to a yoga class? No problem. Pocket Yoga gives you access to yoga classes wherever you are. It’s highly customizable, making it easy to tailor your workout to your daily routine. Choose your desired difficulty level, duration, and practice type, then roll out your yoga mat, and get going. For those new to yoga, there is even a dictionary of poses that will teach you how to properly position your body for each one. So beginner’s can master the basics before they join a class with more experiences yogis.

8. Fitocracy

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 9.32.25 AM

Fitocracy’s paid app offers a comprehensive nutrition plan, coach, and daily accountability measures to ensure that you reach your personal goals. The plans start at $1 per day with customized workout trajectories for each person. There is also a free version with access to exercise sessions and interactive progress metrics for those who don’t need the specialized coaching.




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