4 New(ish) Documentaries for People Who Love the Outdoors

We know you love to get outside and surround yourself with nature. But sometimes, the next best thing is enjoying it on the screen — especially if you want to dive into distant or dangerous parts of the great outdoors.

Outdoor documentaries are a great way to snuggle up this winter, get a dose of nature, and learn a thing or two. These 3 are must-sees for anyone who appreciates the beauty, mystery, and challenges that we find outside.

1. Chasing Coral

The ocean is full of bizarre, alien-like creatures that we almost never see. Coral might not seem like the most fascinating, but they’re actually a highly sophisticated organism, and a troubling indicator of the health of our ocean. In Chasing Coral, scientists and divers take us on a mission to expose the threats faced by the world’s coral reefs, and how we can save them.

Watch: Streaming on Netflix 

2. Freedom Under Load


This documentary will make you significantly less proud of that hike you did last weekend. But it will also motivate you to get back out there, no matter the weather. Freedom Under Load profiles porters in the High Tatras, all over the age of 60, who carry towering stacks of supplies through snowstorms and summer heat. The dedication and grit they apply to their job will inspire whatever pursuit you need a little push on.

Watch: Rent Freedom Under Load from Vimeo for $3

3. The Forgotten Coast

A lot of us think of resorts and crowded beaches when we think of Florida. But Florida has a wild side that’s secluded and brimming with flora and fauna. Explore the impressive and occasionally frightening depth of Florida’s wild coastline in The Forgotten Coast.

Watch: Buy the DVD or check for showtimes on PBS. 

4. Made to be Broken

Most people take 4-6 months to hike the Appalachian Trail. Made to be Broken captures Karl Meltzer’s attempt to complete the 2,181 mile trail in 46 days. Will the ultrarunner make it?

Watch: Stream on Redbull.tv

What’s your favorite outdoor documentary?

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