6 Campgrounds That Will Make You Feel Like You’re on a Tropical Vacation

Tickets to Hawaii aren’t cheap. But you don’t have to fly to Hawaii to get the tropical vacation you deserve. Instead of saving up all your hard-earned cash for a week in a traditional tropical paradise, check out one of these awesome beach campgrounds on the mainland.

1. Fort Desoto County Park, Florida


Image from Elliot B. on The Dyrt

There’s enough sand for everybody at Fort Desoto County Park. One camper, Daniel S., says, “Fort Desoto is perfect for hammocking and the weather is ideal. There are trees everywhere, picnic tables and fire pits.”

2. Sea Camp Beach, Georgia


Image from Marian K. on The Dyrt. 

Sea Camp is just as it states. A sea camp. Only accessible by ferry, this remote and isolated campground is perfect for anyone needing a quick and peaceful getaway. The Dyrt reviewer, Jeanene A., says, “Waking up to the sound of the waves can’t be beat!”

3. Cayo Costa State Park, Florida


Image from Jeanene A. on The Dyrt. 

On a map, Cayo Costa looks like it’s in the middle of the ocean, and it practically is. This island off the coast of Florida is a tropical oasis, surrounded by ocean and a shoreline you could spend days circling contentedly. The Dyrt reviewer, Aida K., sums it up perfectly, “There is so much to do …or you can do nothing at all.”

4. John Pennecamp – Coral Reef State Park, Florida


Image from Dr. David P. on The Dyrt. 

While this campground itself may not be the best in the Florida Keys, the location is. With so much to do in the surrounding area, from scuba diving to visiting Key Largo, you’ll hardly be spending any time at the campground anyway. B P., a reviewer at The Dyrt says there’s so much to do like, “Cannon Beach, one of the swim areas, is a nice place to practice snorkeling with a planted sunken shipwreck. We could see a few cannons and anchor along with a few fish swimming around.”

5. Campland, California


Image from Sarah L. on The Dyrt. 

Out on the west coast is Campland, a beautiful resort beach campground in California. With so many activities, you can bring the family and fill your day from dusk till dawn with something for everyone to enjoy. Leanne H., a reviewer for The Dyrt, says, “There is so much for adults and kids to do that you can choose to relax or be up and going all day.”

6. Point Mugu State Park, California


Image from Anne O. on The Dyrt. 

Point Mugu is a step above the rest. You can pitch your tent right along the shoreline and still maintain privacy from your neighbors. Dyrt reviewer, Anne O. says, “This is beach camping at it’s best! It doesn’t feel like a campsite, you have the whole beach. You are so close to the water and there is plenty of space between you and your neighbor.”

Once you’ve booked your stay, it’s time to pack the suitcase with your tried and true favorites from Roanline. Where will you go?


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