Gear for your gearheart: What to get your significant other this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be awkward. Do you get her chocolate, do you get him a card?

Ditch the traditions no one actually wants to follow and show your gearheart that you truly understand them with a gift of gear that will remind them how much you care time and again.

Give the gift of a log cabin at home


United by Blue’s candle line brings scents of adventure to your home, so your gearheart can feel the quiet comfort of a log cabin in your downtown Asheville or Boston apartment. Give the gift of a log cabin and you will give a gift that keeps on giving. The Log Cabin candle is $14.

A blanket that will follow you on every adventure


A blanket says: I want to be next to you. It also says: I want to adventure with you. I want to go somewhere cold, somewhere uncomfortable, and get comfortable next to you. In this way a blanket is the epitome of romance. Why haven’t you gotten a blanket yet? The United by Blue Polaris Fleece Throw is a piece you’ll have for years. Buy it now for $128.

The copper mug you know they’ve been wanting


Copper mugs are in. Harkening back to times when copper mugs were also in, sipping a Moscow mule from a copper mug is somehow much better than sipping anything from anything else. Make no mistake, though: a copper mug is a utility gift. It is practical, it is something that will be used. For the gearheart who loves to reuse quality gear, it is perfect. For someone who prefers a consumable like chocolate or flowers, you might want to pair this mug with a set of Moscow mule ingredients. Get the Copper Mule Mug for $20.

Go the jewelry route with something tasteful yet adventurous


If you know your gearheart would appreciate jewelry, get them jewelry. But don’t just get them any old chain or pendant. Get them something unique, something that pays homage to the wide open sky and depths of the ocean. (Symbollic of the depths of your love? There are a million ways to run with this!) Get them the Lizou River Crochet Wrap Bracelet for $68.

Leather Coasters: Because practical and built to last is sexy too


Let me tell you one thing: there is nothing wrong with a set of quality, built-to-last leather coasters. Your gearheart is going to drink chilled beverages, and now they can enjoy the beverage on top of a coaster that will age with your relationship. It’s a perfect way to show you care, but you also aren’t going to go the traditional, “I-don’t-know-what-to-get-you” route. Get the Sturdy Brothers Leather Coaster Set for $20.

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