3 Pieces of Gear to Help You Weather Winter in the East

Roanline is all about outfitting you for whatever happens.

Today, we’re highlighting 3 pieces of gear to help you through winter in the east.

The east has a couple different climates:

The Northeast is known for its cold, long winters. The further north you explore, the colder they get, and the more vital your gear becomes.

The Mid-atlantic is milder, but it can still get pretty darn cold. While it may not see snow for the entire winter season, the humid cold will leave a chill in your bones.

And in the South, winter is milder still. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a change from the summer heat. Sure, Miami might be warm all year long, but go just a bit farther north and you will see a noticeable swing in temps from summer to winter.

Whether you’re in the bitter cold of northern Maine or the wintertime temperature swings of Georgia, here are three pieces of gear that will make the winter months more enjoyable.

For Exploring the Trail: Fayettechill’s Beanie in Blue

Your head is incredibly sensitive to heat loss, making a good beanie a no-brainer (no pun intended) in the dead of winter. But finding the right beanie for your head can be difficult.

For almost all heads, we recommend the Byrd Beanie in Blue from Fayettechill.



Style, function, and fit, all in one.

Warmth never fit so well and looked so good.

The Byrd Beanie retails for $35.95.

For Exploring the City: United by Blue’s 25L Rift Backpack

If the weather is on the warm side of frightful, you’re probably going to want to get out of the house and take advantage of what little daylight winter has to offer.

In those moments, we recommend reaching for United by Blue‘s 25L Rift Backpack. Perfect for a daypack walking around the city or you favorite nearby trail, it will carry everything you need for a day outside.


The Rift is an ideal day pack.

Not to mention by purchasing a product from United by Blue you’re helping them live out their pledge to remove a pound of trash from the ocean for every product sold.

The 25L Rift Backpack retails for $88.

For Long Hours Indoors: Sturdy Brothers’ Leather Coaster Set

Bears, some of the fiercest creatures in North America, hibernate during winter. It’s only natural that some of us, too, are driven indoors.

When days are shorter and the temperature drops, our psychologies change and outdoor lovers hole up inside more than they’d like.

All this time indoors means one thing: it’s important our inside-the-house environment is as pleasant as possible.

For making those long, cold winter evenings more bearable, we recommend Sturdy Brothers Leather Coaster Set.


These leather coasters will wear and develop a nice patina, which for years to come will be a testament to time spent planning warmer-weather adventures.

The Sturdy Brothers Leather Coaster Set retails for $20.


One thought on “3 Pieces of Gear to Help You Weather Winter in the East

  1. Shari Galiardi says:

    As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I was able to test the new Roanline market place at roanline.com. They carry a number of different brands and I selected the United by Blue 25L Rift Backpack to test out while camping at the Leelanau State Park campground in Michigan. We used this pack while hiking on the beautiful trails within this state park. This pack fits in as well on the trail as it will in the boardroom, or commuter train. It has a sleek profile and clean, tight lines which give it all the class of a briefcase while offering the versatility of a backpack. I expect it to last many years of regular use.

    What I like most about this pack:
    1. Quality construction with a compact, efficient use of space.
    2. The specialty pockets hold everything for which they are intended: laptop, smartphone, water bottle / travel mug, etc, while still allowing space for plenty of extra layers, lunch/snacks, etc. It has more volume than it looks like from the outside.
    3. It is super comfortable and stays in place even on the bike.
    4. The single carrying handle is well-placed, strong, and very comfortable – nice one!

    Some of the things I wish this pack had:
    1. A hydration hose “slit. This seems like an oversight, because the main pouch easily holds a large water bladder.
    2. A waist-belt, making it more comfortable with the pack weighed down.
    3. An integrated rain fly. I am afraid to get this pack dirty – it looks too nice!


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